Storytime is now available at UPM

Storytime, released June 2018, a 6 track project for Universal Production Music, is now available.

The tracks

A Frog in My Dreams - Enchanted intro with sense of wonder. Dreamlike soundscape moving to a mysterious middle section. Pizzicato strings, clarinet and piano. Contrabassoon quirkiness.

Easy Peasy - Out for the day with nowhere in particular to go. Cheerful, sunny and carefree. Clarinet, tuba, pizzicato strings and happy-go-lucky electric piano

Rolly Poley - A little oddball with a sense of exploration and movement. Xylophone, tuba, clarinet and wind instruments.

Diddums - Childlike with some oddball fun while enjoying a day at the fair in 3/4 time. Whistle, music box and a little mellotron.

Jump and Jingle - All a little mad in here. Just up and ready to go with a big grin but still a little unsteady on our feet. Accordion, recorder, pizzicato strings, lunatic xylophone.

Trike Trek - Untroubled sense of enjoyment. A light and breezy ride down the garden path. Clarinet, synth, music box and vibes. All the tracks are bright, light and fun loving except for 'A Frog' which is the soundtrack for what happens after storytime . Instrumentation includes clarinet, pizzicato strings, guitars, xylophone, tuba, accordion, recorder and percussion.

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