Playtime out on 101 Music, November 2016

Playtime, a 12 track project for 101 Music, was released in November 2016. Described as for kids, playful, cute, positive. Promos for the young at heart.

The tracks

Hopscotch - Playtime fun. Run, jump and skip along. Bubbly melody over cute strummed ukuleles.

Rubber Ducky - Cute, bubbly and carefree. Quirky melody over strummed ukuleles and finger snaps.

Leapfrog - Quirky, cheeky and cheerful. Playful, cute melody over strummed ukuleles.

Cookies and Milk - Deleicate and nurturing. Simple, innocent tinkle bells with warm acoustic guitars, ukuleles and light percussion.

Jumping Beans - Upbeat, vibrant foot-tapping fun. Quirky and bouncy melody over simple percussion/drum loop.

My Teddy Bear - Soft, warm and huggable. Delicate acoustic guitar arpeggios with light melody sprinkles.

Happy Times - Light and easy-going. Playful toy glockenspiel and pizzicato string melody over gentle country style acoustic guitars.

Hold My Hand - Loveable, playful and young at heart. Innocent and cute melody with strum along acoustic guitars.

Bubble Bath - Cute and snappy. Simple toy instruments and light piano with finger snaps and a light skip-along groove.

Beach Balls - Kid friendly happy days in the sun. Lighht and bright melody over skip-a-long acoustic guitars.

Kooky - Quirky, cheeky and slightly zany. Oddball melody over light bouncy rhythm section.

Cotton Candy - Sweet, cheerful and carefree. Cute melody with strummed ukuleles.