Metal Mofos available at APM

Metal Mofos was released in January 2018 through APM USA. The tracks are written in the '3 Act' style, an ominous intro, increasing tension middle and a 'bring it home' ending.

Metal Mofos - Ominous drones that explode into deadly nu metal themes. Fight the power!

The tracks

Hard Candy - Long teasing ominous intro (00:00-1:30) slowly builds (00:30) into anticipating (1:30) motivational rock band theme with chunky bass strings and some serious feel good vibes without losing its gnarly metal edge.

Mofo Ate My Ice Cream - Ominous, dark, breathy, flowing sound design with nervous percussive hits and unwelcoming phat background drones (00:00-1:45) slowly build into dramatic heavy nu metal theme with rolling metal drums and building intensity at 2:22.

Demagogue Smut - Spacial sound design builds into (00:30) ominous theme with background big percussive stabs and end rises, exploding (1:00) into heavy rolling rock drums and chunky “bring it on” electric guitars. (1:50) Rock band attacks for finale.

Fight the Power - Ominous sound design flows into dramatic end rise and launches (00:50) into anthemic balls-to-the-wall rock theme with motivational stadium power.

Mephistophelian Vote - Ominous sound design flows into dramatic pulsing drones, launching (1:25) into unexpected menacing nu metal rock theme with dramatic rock drums and extreme building distorted guitars.

A Kaled Snickerdoodle - Restless flowing sound design builds into (00:40) intimidating darkness, exploding into (1:30) macho chugging distorted guitars and unforgiving rock percussion.

Political MeatheadsOminous sound design, restless background drones with flowing thoughtful undertones launch into (1:30) menacing heavy metal theme with some building villainous DGF attitude.

Ravenous MentorsOminous sound design and restless background drones build into (1:25) menacing chugging rock guitars and macho rock percussion, building into (1:56) powerful metal finale.

Mutants for Tea - Ominous flowing intro explodes (00:40) into suspenseful sound design building into (1:30) heavy-hitter rock theme with grungy guitars and unforgiving rock percussion.

Insufficient Funds - Ominous intro unexpectly explodes (1:30) into optimistic and cheeky aggressive rock guitars.

Legendary Ball Crushers - Flowing and threatening sound design build into (1:30) macho rock theme with chill'n metal guitars.

Don't Forget About Mum - Chill intro with drunk and restless undertones, launch into unexpected (1:30) menacing death metal rock build.