Manic Rock, from 2010, released on APM USA

Released in April 2017, Manic Rock, for JW Media was added to the APM catalogue in the US. The project was originally completed in 2010 and possibly released through a different US distributor at that time.

Manic Rock - High energy, action-packed, wild and zany rock-based tracks.

The tracks

Fire the Afterburners - Frenzied dance mash building the tension for car racing.

Insanity Rules - Zany rock meets electronic effects

Higher and Higher - The acceleration is on full in this quirky electro rock track.

Head Banger - A bouncy electronic rock track taking one inside a video game.

Like Crazy - One feels the need, the need for speed.

Psychotic Prankster - Entered a state of sheer lunacy with these frantic beats

In the Zone - A fun quirky video game promo

Fight Or Flight - These bad boys like to race their modified cars at night time.

Warp Factor - A frenzied track to get your adrenaline pumping.

A Wacky World - One imagines a pro surfer smashing those waves to this track.