Kids' Stuff

I've finished two enjoyable projects for Universal Publishing Production Music and 101 Production Music. Both are aimed at the toddler market so they're simple, bright and fun. With titles like Leapfrog, Ragtales, Candy Days and Bouncing Beans, it has to be cheery.


The instrumentation consists of:-

  • The Abbey Road Vintage Kit from the Kontakt library
  • Shakers - every kid's track needs them
  • Various basses - acoustic to springy synth basses
  • Ukuleles, acoustic and electric guitars and mandola
  • Simple synth sounds, generally undistorted and short, mellotron flutes, steel drum organ and crappy clavinet
  • Glockenspiels, xylophones, music box and marimbas
  • Piano and accordion
  • Pizzicato strings, recorder, clarinet and flute

These tracks have not been mastered.