Kiddy Winks and Tiny Tots released June 2017

Kiddy Winks and Tiny Tots is available on Universal Production Music. Described as bouncy, playful, fun, naive and innocent.

The tracks

Tiny Tootsies - Bright and gentle. Marimba, guitar and banjo with drums and shakers.

Ups A Daisy - Roly-poly rhythm with banjo and electric guitar melodies, half time drum pattern and plinky plonky xylophones.

Bouncing Beans - A cheerful, carefree walk in the park. Ukulele and guitar with accordion melody and crazy xylophone and jaws harp.

Ragtales - Just learning to walk. Accordion melodies with mellotron and xylophone.>

Leapfrog - Happy and energetic. Fun, playful guitar theme.

Little Tikes - Breezy and cheerful ukulele rhythm with crazy piano and all the tiny tots band.

Boo Boo - Dipsy and rolling. Recorder and flute melodies with marimba.

Snaps and Claps - Brisk and light ukulele rhythm. High piano melody with pizzicato and insistent synth ostinato, drums and shakers.

Teddy Time - Gentle and mild for sleepy times. Bright synth melody with glockenspiel and xylophone.

Sweet Dreams - Synth melody with gentle guitar and lullaby rhythms. Quiet time.

Candy Days - Flute and marimba melody with guitars. Bright, sunny and carefree - this is gonna be a great day.

Hide and Squeak - Cheeky intro to a confident striding rhythm. Banjo and guitar melodies with melodic percussion.