Elektet music and info

Elektet has called it a day. Lachlan has moved to Sydney and the group dynamic depended on everyone's involvement so our little experiment has finished. It was certainly magical at times, the unexpected becoming the expected every time we got together. We did it and now we move on.  Links to Soundcloud tracks are on this page.

A smattering of our improvisations

Crafted Collisions
Elektet with Ben Jones
Hitchens en Paris
Choses comme ça
Peigner la girafe
Trente six minutes de la semaine derniere
Open Misère
Fermez la vache

A brief history of Elektet

Cos Russo, Lachlan Tumeth and I have formed to experiment with improvisation using computers and humans. The sound of one informs and alters the other, fashioning a new frontier for each. We play and write on the spot and technology allows us to manipulate our musings into completed pieces.

It is music only possible because of the nexus of the live musicians and the computerised environment. The co-dependence produces music with a wide range of possibilites, from gentle and introspective to agressive and industrial.


Our equipment is neither esoteric nor expensive. Our improvisational approach wouldn't be possible without Ableton Live. The flexibility and range of effects provide us with the freedom to expand our musical expectations.

The magic happens because of the extensive real time control that both Cos and I have of Live. My combination of the APC40 and Touchable is so open ended that I am continually discovering new methods of use and therefore of ways to manipulate the music.