Classical Glitch released on Adrenalin Sounds

Classical Glitch, a 14 track project, was released November 2016. It is described as "Beautiful, sparse, glitchy tracks put a truly modern spin on the impressionist French composers of the early twentieth century.

The tracks

Celestial Rendezvous - Beautiful sparse glitchy track in the style of Ravel's Pavane.

Elysian Prelude - Slow and mysterious glitchy classical track.

Opus From Above - Heavenly minimalistic with just a touch of Beethoven.

Madrid Suite - Reflective classical guitar with a Spanish minimalistic feel.

The Gymnopedist - Shimmering and reflective with heavy reverberation and glitch makes for a very unusual track with a French accent.

Electric Nocturne - Magical track with a light and airy other-wordly classical feel.

Chimera - Gentle un-rushed spacy track with a touch of magic and mystery.

Nebulous Gnossienne - Spacy, floating and tranquil theme.

Classical Affaire - Chilled classical styled theme with a modern minimalistic sound.

Orchestral Artefacts - Glitched gentle French styled classical theme.

Radiant Geometry - Alluring mix of old and new in this calm impressionistic classical piece.

Glitched Mystique - Spacy nocturne floating on a dreamy, glitchy cloud.

Frozen Overture - Imagine floating over a dreamy frozen vista with this gentle gavotte.

Catalonia - Magical, light and dreamy minimalist classical track.