Brillliant Bennniii

I made an outlandish claim when deciding on my Master of Music Technology project in stating that I would search the Max for Live site and find free devices that would assist in the instant creation of music for improvisation and composition purposes. With over 2000 devices there, I soon realised that I was in pretty deep and really just hoping that I'd strike gold. Two months of trawling and testing with mixed results and I found Bennniii's Clip Sequencer.

Bennniii's clip sequencer

The picture explains the operation. There are two devices, one to collate the notes currently being played, either within a playing clip or from live input. The other is placed on the instrument track and choses which of those notes will be played and with what rhythm, length and velocity by way of reading a playing clip. This clip contains notes from C3 chromatically upwards, the lowest note being assigned to the lowest note from the input notes. Simply, an input of a D major chord, (D, F#, A) will be assigned to the notes C, C# and D so that when the clip plays any of those notes it outputs the respective input note to the instrument. If the chord changes to say Gb major (Gb, Bb, Db) then the C in the clip will output Gb, the C#, Bb and the D, Db. So the instrument will follow any chord and inversion or scale change. Amazing.

Bennniii's device follows up to 6 notes at a time, which may sound limiting, but as the input notes can change as often as you like, it makes parts sound as though they are following subtle shifts in tonality during each bar. There's an edit of my first improvisation with Cos below. He played chords and the Clip Sequencer performed all the keyboard parts and bass. Note that a stipulation of my project is that I will only use instruments and devices that come standard with an Ableton Live Suite purchase be they within the Suite or packs and am only using free Max for Live devices.